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"We Walk by Faith"
Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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"Believing in Jesus"
(John 3:16)

June 6th, 2023

"Think on these things..."    (Philippians 4:8b)
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Today's Prayer

(Wednesday June 7, 2023)
"Lord cause us to realize that the things that really matter, now and eternally are only going to be recognized with our eyes of Faith. "

(Monday June 5, 2023)
"Lord, break my satisfied heart for the lost and deceived around me. As I find Grace, I am surrounded by those who celebrate their death."

(Thursday June 1, 2023)
"Lord, stir up this new heart You have put in me, I don't want to meet You face to Face not having lived in what all You provided!"

(Wednesday May 31, 2023)
"Move on my cold heart O Lord, that I might seek You and Your beauty with all that I am, for You said that then I would find You!"

(Tuesday May 30, 2023)
"Lord redirect my attention that I may leave evidence of my faith everywhere I go, and that I may realize the substance of it."

(Monday May 29, 2023)
"Slow me down Lord, cause me to think about how my 'wake' affects others, and the reflection I have cast upon You with my words."

(Sunday May 28, 2023)
"Lord in this day of endless distractions, please convict me to watch and pray as I go about my daily routines and responsibilities."

(Wednesday May 24, 2023)
"Lord, I want to heighten my expectation...really expecting Your Word to be reality in my Life...teach me to HOPE!"

(Monday May 22, 2023)
"Teach me contentment and benevolence O Lord, How can I not be thankful when You have provided so much in every way?"

(Sunday May 21, 2023)
"Open our eyes Lord to the need for a fresh awakening of our souls and for a new brokenness for those who are still lost in sin!"

(Wednesday May 17, 2023)
"My God and Lord, Who wonderously created me...remind me again today and always why You gave me two ears, but only ONE Mouth!!"

(Tuesday May 16, 2023)
"Lord, please re-direct my attention, to see and realize what all You have already accomplished in my life...I am now Your own child!!"

(Monday May 15, 2023)
"Lord, You've already supplied me with faith to be eternally saved, how much more I've been equipped with faith to overcome here and now."

(Sunday May 14, 2023)
"Lord, knowing that You have purchased me and clothed me in Your righteousness, help me to walk in what You have already completed."

(Thursday May 11, 2023)
"Lord cause me to extend my faith outward today, encouraging those around me and reminding them of Your very real presence."

(Wednesday May 10, 2023)
"Lord help me to keep my commitment to You as serious as You made Yours to me, I want my life to reflect my undying loyalty."

(Tuesday May 9, 2023)
"Help me to realize that being in Your presence is not dependant on a time or place in this world, but rather faith in Yours!"

(Monday May 8, 2023)
"Lord, keep me mindful that I represent You on earth now...I need to always show patience, kindness and above all, LOVE!""

(Sunday May 7, 2023)
"Lord, keep me in Your Word, and draw me ever closer to You lest I naturally develop an 'evil heart of unbelief!'""

(Thursday May 4, 2023)
"Lord remind us that in all we do, we are either a part of the solution, or we are contributing to the problem...You said it!"

(Wednesday May 3, 2023)
"Help me, through You O Lord, to be a friend to all, a friend who sticks closer than a brother...even as You are to me.."

(Tuesday May 2, 2023)
"You said 'all who believe would not perish but have everlasting life' - Lord, I believe, and I want it to show in every part of my life.."

(Monday May 1, 2023)
"Keep us aware Lord, that as New Creations, You have already supplied us with ALL we need to prove Your good will here on Earth."

(Sunday April 30, 2023)
"Lord, make me aware of my need for my brothers and sisters in Christ, as we are a living body, with Him as our strength and Head."

(Thursday April 27, 2023)
"Lord, help me today to keep my focus on the 'One Thing....' You have taken all my cares, and I am complete in You and only You.""

(Wednesday April 26, 2023)
"Cause us to hunger after Your Word, O Lord, that we may KNOW You and be safe from the deception that moves in so quietly."

(Tuesday April 25, 2023)
"I pray O Lord that You would open up my mind to see You as not only my God, but as my "friend Who sticks closer than a brother.""

(Monday April 24, 2023)
"Lord, if so many Christian Churches teach so many differing things, opposing one another, how can I know what You want? THE WORD."

(Sunday April 23, 2023)
"Teach me O Lord to love offensively, and to care for others militantly, always mindful the weapons of my warfare are spiritual, not carnal."

(Thursday April 20, 2023)
"Draw me into Your holy presence O Lord, if I don't spend some alone time with You each day, how can I maintain my relationship?"

(Wednesday April 19, 2023)
"Lord help me, like John the Baptist to see that I must decrease in my own strength and life and allow the New Life You gave to increase.""

(Tuesday April 18, 2023)
"Jesus keep me near You today, let me remember that I am dead to my old life, and my New Life is fully intertwined and caught up in You. ""

(Monday April 17, 2023)
"Lord I recognize the depths of Your Love for me, help me to find a conviction to follow after the Way You have prepared for me.""

(Sunday April 16, 2023)
"Help me understand that You are not only fully able to care for all my needs, but that You lovingly desire to be my sole provider.""

(Tuesday April 11, 2023)
"Help me Lord to show my absolute confidence and trust in obediently waiting for Your Word to prove true, as it always does!""

(Monday April 10, 2023)
"Lord, I find myself wondering how You could see me among the 7 Billion plus souls on this fallen earth, and especially that you Love me.""

(Sunday April 9, 2023)
"When I survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of glory died, my richest gain I count but loss, and pour contempt on all my pride.""

(Thursday April 6, 2023)
"Lord, as performing for an audience of One, may I keep my eyes on the Path - walking in a manner worthy of my High Calling in Christ.""

(Wednesday April 5, 2023)
"Lord help me to realize that the down payment of Your entire promise is already deposited and living in me - may I walk in It!""

(Tuesday April 4, 2023)
"Teach us to pray effectively, from the heart, O Lord, knowing that lasting relationships are ALL contingent upon good communication!""

(Monday April 3, 2023)
"I want to be obedient by being thankful for EVERYTHING...Knowing that if I am, I'll be living Your will - happening FOR my good!""

(Sunday April 2, 2023)
"Lord, keep an urgency in my soul, urgency for others, urgency for the world, and an urgency for holiness,that I may bring You glory!""

(Thursday March 30, 2023)
"Lord, You paid such a price to set me free, yet many are still bound, help me focus and walk by faith that I may point them to You!""

(Wednesday March 29, 2023)
"Lord, help me to guard my heart, as you instructed - with all diligence, for out of it issue the springs of Life!"""

(Sunday March 26, 2023)
"Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven - Give us this day our daily Bread and forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us!"

(Thursday March 23, 2023)
"Lord, reveal to me the benefits and the reality of the new heart You have placed within me - and may I be led by that new heart!"

(Wednesday March 22, 2023)
(Monday April 10, 2023)
"Lord, I find myself wondering how You could see me among the 7 Billion plus souls on this fallen earth, and especially that you Love me.""

"Keep me aware Lord, that since You've given me this New Life...I have purpose - Purpose beyond myself, to bring You Glory!"

(Tuesday March 21, 2023)
"May the words that I speak today, minister Life and Hope to those around me, You've saved me, now make me care for others!!"

(Monday March 20, 2023)
"Help me remember, O Lord, I have been bought with a Price...the Life of Your Son. May I hold my tongue from complaints!"

(Sunday March 19, 2023)
"Once I have applied all the armor that You have provided, and am become completely prepared...cause me to PRAY! Always!!"

(Thursday March 16, 2023)
"I have made my decision Lord, and Your're declaration is certian...I will follow You and submit to Your will, no matter what."

(Tuesday March 14, 2023)
"Lord as vast and awesome as I know you are, help me remember that You desire to dwell in the heart of lowly me."

(Monday March 13, 2023)
"Lord, You've been so faithful and good to me - especially when I was at my worst...Thank You! My heart's desire is to Finish Well."

(Sunday March 12, 2023)
"Strengthen Us O Lord that we might remove the weights that hold us back, and avoid the pitfalls that our 'Old Man' still prefers.!"

(Thursday March 9, 2023)
"Help us keep things in perspective Lord, remembering we were told that it would be through much tribulation that we would win!"

(Wednesday March 8, 2023)
"Lord keep my eyes bathed with humility, lest they become blinded with the illusions of this temporary existence. You Are God!"

(Tuesday March 7, 2023)
"Help us remember Lord that the issues and trials we experience every day are opportunities for us to sink our roots deeper into You!"

(Monday March 6, 2023)
"I trust You Lord, as according to Proverbs 3:5-6, so help me remember that You work all things together for my Good, Romans 8:28!"

(Sunday March 5, 2023)
"Lord, make more and more a part of my church family. Let me be what they need and let me know that I can depend on them as well."

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