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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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Thanks for being a part of our daily "5-minute Prayer ZOOM Meetings:" This morning's passage is: Romans 5:7-10

Remember to check back here often for timely updates about activities and scheduling at JCBC...if there are any. AND the link to the morning "5-Minute" ZOOM Prayer Meeting is directly under the video of the most recent meeting below. Join us some morning.

"Let Go and Let God"
(Joshua 24:15)

March 26, 2023

"Think on these things..."    (Philippians 4:8b)
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Today's Prayer

(Sunday March 26, 2023)
"Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven - Give us this day our daily Bread and forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us!"

(Thursday March 23, 2023)
"Lord, reveal to me the benefits and the reality of the new heart You have placed within me - and may I be led by that new heart!"

(Wednesday March 22, 2023)
"Keep me aware Lord, that since You've given me this New Life...I have purpose - Purpose beyond myself, to bring You Glory!"

(Tuesday March 21, 2023)
"May the words that I speak today, minister Life and Hope to those around me, You've saved me, now make me care for others!!"

(Monday March 20, 2023)
"Help me remember, O Lord, I have been bought with a Price...the Life of Your Son. May I hold my tongue from complaints!"

(Sunday March 19, 2023)
"Once I have applied all the armor that You have provided, and am become completely prepared...cause me to PRAY! Always!!"

(Thursday March 16, 2023)
"I have made my decision Lord, and Your're declaration is certian...I will follow You and submit to Your will, no matter what."

(Tuesday March 14, 2023)
"Lord as vast and awesome as I know you are, help me remember that You desire to dwell in the heart of lowly me."

(Monday March 13, 2023)
"Lord, You've been so faithful and good to me - especially when I was at my worst...Thank You! My heart's desire is to Finish Well."

(Sunday March 12, 2023)
"Strengthen Us O Lord that we might remove the weights that hold us back, and avoid the pitfalls that our 'Old Man' still prefers.!"

(Thursday March 9, 2023)
"Help us keep things in perspective Lord, remembering we were told that it would be through much tribulation that we would win!"

(Wednesday March 8, 2023)
"Lord keep my eyes bathed with humility, lest they become blinded with the illusions of this temporary existence. You Are God!"

(Tuesday March 7, 2023)
"Help us remember Lord that the issues and trials we experience every day are opportunities for us to sink our roots deeper into You!"

(Monday March 6, 2023)
"I trust You Lord, as according to Proverbs 3:5-6, so help me remember that You work all things together for my Good, Romans 8:28!"

(Sunday March 5, 2023)
"Lord, make more and more a part of my church family. Let me be what they need and let me know that I can depend on them as well."

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