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Join us at 6th Street & Avenue A in Hale Center.
We preach from the Front Porch of the church to the parking lot, and the sanctuary is open with a large video monitor for those wishing to go inside.
We practice social distancing and masks are optional.

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ACMR Plays Sunday Mornings between 9-11 just before our live services begin on KKYN 106.9.
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"Think on these things..."    (Philippians 4:8b)
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Tonight's Prayer

(Sunday November 22, 2020)
"Lord thank You that when we walk in the spirit Your Word assures us that we are MORE than conquerors!"

(Saturday November 21, 2020)
"Lord cause Your children to own this mess we're in, so that we may repent and seek Your help again."

(Friday November 20, 2020)
"Lord help me to be the Light You've called me to be so those who don't know You will be able to see You in me."

(Thursday November 19, 2020)
"Lord in a world of fake news, fact-checks, and blatant lies, teach us to cling to the unchanging Truth of Your Word."

(Wednesday November 18, 2020)
"Lord, open our ears to hear the message of repentance, as time is running out fast for so many - every day!"

(Tuesday November 17, 2020)
"Lord soften our hearts...we're letting the world fall into hell while we're all "Blessed and Highly Favored!"

(Monday November 16, 2020)
"Thank You Lord for the mansion being prepared for me even now, May I walk today in a manner fitting to dwell there"

(Sunday November 15, 2020)
"Lord, cause us to realize; if we're born again...the fullness of God dwells in us, and we are more than conquerors."

(Saturday November 14, 2020)
"Teach us O lord, from Your Word, what a Christian is supposed to look like, then convict our wayward hearts."

(Friday November 13, 2020)
"May the scales fall off the eyes of Your children, that we may see the danger we enjoy - In Jesus' Name, Amen."

(Thursday November 12, 2020)
"Lord, teach us that true evangelism falls upon the obedience of Your Children. Make us compassionate and bold."

(Wednesday November 11, 2020)
"Lord when - for whatever reason; I don't want to hear the Truth, Shake me until I recognize it's You speaking!"

(Tuesday November 10, 2020)
"Burden our hearts O Lord, until we seek Your face and learn Your will. We've gone our own way too long."

(Monday November 9, 2020)
"Lord, help me to reach outside myself with the Love You've given me, so that like You, I can share hope and healing."

(Sunday November 8, 2020)
"Thank You Lord that I can KNOW that You are ALWAYS in control...I will trust in You as long as I live."

(Saturday November 7, 2020)
"Lord, prepare my heart to enter Your house and be among Your people in the morning - I need more of You."

(Friday November 6, 2020)
"Father help me to accept the reality that when I differ from Your Word, I am wrong - for You are ALWAYS right."

(Thursday November 5, 2020)
"Lord, cause us to ponder our last day, then may we consider the vanity of our effort and anxiety apart from You."

(Wednesday November 4, 2020)
"Teach us Lord the benefits of trusting You with all of our heart, and the dangers of our own understanding."

(Tuesday November 3, 2020)
"Lord, help Your children realize that it is YOU who calls the shots, and not us with our best efforts."

(Monday November 2, 2020)
"Lord, as we face these coming days of uncertainty, cause us to rely on Your unchanging, infallible Word."

(Sunday November 1, 2020)
"Thank You for the answer-book Lord. Wake us up to consume the Holy resources You've provided in Your Word."

(Saturday October 31, 2020)
"Lord, I know I need to be around people of God, Help me to get up and go to church in the morning."

(Friday October 30, 2020)
"Speak Lord, Your servant is listening. Help me to mute the overwhelming voices of the enemy as I seek to hear You."

(Thursday October 29, 2020)
"Lord, we lift Your name on High! The more I think of You the more I am blown away by Your majesty and Glory!"

(Wednesday October 28, 2020)
"Lord, help me not be so dependant on electricity anymore!"

(Tuesday October 27, 2020)
"Help us Lord to walk by faith, and obey Your Word so that we may prosper in the blessings You've already provided."

(Monday October 26, 2020)
"Lord, search my heart and try me, that I may grow into a better Christian each day."
Psalm 139:23-24

(Sunday October 25, 2020)
"Thank You Lord for the Day of rest, now teach me to abide in Your Rest for the other 6 days."

(Saturday October 24, 2020)
"Lord, increase my love for Your Truth, for without it I have no chance of safely maneuvering in this broken world.

(Friday October 23, 2020)
"Lord, I ask You to give us a new reality of Your simple command to die to ourselves that we may receive New Life.

(Thursday October 22, 2020)
"Lord, open our eyes to the need for Jesus in our enemies, and cause us to care, and love them with Your Love.

(Wednesday October 21, 2020)
"Lord awaken Your children to walk in the Victory that Christ died and rose again to assure us.

(Tuesday October 20, 2020)
"Lord keep us mindful, yet fearless of the brevity of life, as You have granted us Life eternal through Christ.

(Monday October 19, 2020)
"Lord I never dreamed that THIS was the Christian live! Thank You for teaching me the value in total surrender.

(Sunday October 18, 2020)
"Thank You Lord for this day of rest, but thank You even more for the rest that I've found in You."

(Saturday October 17, 2020)
"Lord reveal Yourself to me anew that I might rekindle the fire that burned when I first met You."

(Friday October 16, 2020)
"Thank You for the Blessed Hope that assures us there's more than what meets the eye."

(Thursday October 15, 2020)
"Lord forgive us for our lack of commitment. We gave our lives to You so show us what You desire of us."

(Wednesday October 14, 2020)
"Lord, cause us to take seriously the Gift You have imparted within us, It is badly needed in the world."

(Tuesday October 13, 2020)
"Thank You Lord that as I trust in You I can know that anything I go through has been approved by You first!"

(Monday October 12, 2020)
"Lord have mercy on America, we've divided into two halves that both think they're absolutely right."

(Sunday October 11, 2020)
"Thank You Lord for Your mercies, kindnesses, and faithfulness that keep us even in the darkest of times."

(Saturday October 10, 2020)
"Lord break our carnality and awaken us to the spiritual warfare that destroys us as we prosper ourselves."

(Friday October 9, 2020)
"Thank You Lord for showing me how bad I really was, and then for cleaning me up and saving me as Your own."

(Thursday October 8, 2020)
"We need to hear from You, Lord! All of our leaders are shouting different things, we need Your Truth."

(Wednesday October 7, 2020)
"Lord, help me to remember that the nation we're praying for boils down to me and my neighbor."

(Tuesday October 6, 2020)
"Lord, Your return seems so near, I just want to be sharing Your Love with someone at the moment You call."

(Monday October 5, 2020)
"Lord, cause us to see the fading glimmer of biblical morality in our ancestors. We've lost our way."

(Sunday October 4, 2020)
"Lord, Thank You for the revelation granted today, may I utilize the Grace to walk in it tomorrow."

(Saturday October 3, 2020)
"Lord, I want to learn more of the Life You've granted me, so I will be at Your house in the morning."

(Friday October 2, 2020)
"Lord enlighten us to the critical difference between flesh and spirit, since all flesh is at enmity with You."
(Romans 8:7-8)

(Thursday October 1, 2020)
"Thank You Lord that what You've birthed inside of me is greater than anything I'll face in the world."

(Wednesday September 30, 2020)
"Lord remove the blinders and let us see what's really happening and what You've enabled us to do."

(Tuesday September 29, 2020)
"Lord You saw the debate, the American people need You like never before."

(Monday September 28, 2020)
"Thank You Lord that as I acknowledge You in all my ways, You said You'd direct my paths."

(Sunday September 27, 2020)
"Thank You Lord for the Truth heard today - may we be doers and not hearers only."

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