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"Think on these things..."    (Philippians 4:8b)
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Tonight's Prayer

(Sunday August 1, 2021)
"Thank You for the Blessed Hope that assures us there's more than what meets the eye."

(Saturday July 31, 2021)
"Lord forgive us for our lack of commitment. We gave our lives to You so show us what You desire of us."

(Friday July 30, 2021)
"Lord, cause us to take seriously the Gift You have imparted within us, It is badly needed in the world."

(Thursday July 29, 2021)
"Lord, help me to take my responsibilities seriously as "salt of the earth" - You left such a good example, help me to live it."

(Wednesday July 28, 2021)
"Lord help me learn to put myself under the things I should be under that You may put me over the things I should be over!."

(Tuesday July 27, 2021)
"Lord, as Your beloved children, may we all learn to put others before ourselves, using our Master Jesus as our example."

(Monday July 26, 2021)
"Father You've already accomplished everything necessary for me to walk in Your Victory, help me in my unbelief."

(Sunday July 25, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for showing me how bad I really was, and then for cleaning me up and saving me as Your own."

(Saturday July 24, 2021)
"Lord have mercy on America, we've divided into two halves that both think they're absolutely right."

(Friday July 23, 2021)
"Thank You Lord that as I trust in You I can know that anything I go through has been approved by You first!"

(Thursday July 22, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for Your mercies, kindnesses, and faithfulness that keep us even in the darkest of times."

(Wednesday July 21, 2021)
"Father today I want to anticipate the great day You've promised us - in the prayer You taught us: "Thy Kingdom Come!""

(Tuesday July 20, 2021)
"Help us remember Lord, You taught us in 1 Samuel 15:22, that "to obey is better than sacrifice"!"

(Monday July 19, 2021)
"Lord, help me to see that my discontentment and dissatisfaction only indicates my lack of trust in You, I want to trust You!"

(Sunday July 18, 2021)
"Harken unto the voice of my cry - Oh Lord, in the morning will I direct my prayers unto You and will look up."

(Saturday July 17, 2021)
"Prepare me to learn patience Oh Lord, I trust You and I need to learn to wait upon Your unfailing promises."

(Friday July 16, 2021)
"Lord, You said if I love You, I will keep Your commandments, and THEN I will recognize the presence of The Comforter."

(Thursday July 15, 2021)
"Lord, cause me to remember that I have no continuing city here, my "Forever Home" is waiting for me and it is with You."

(Wednesday July 14, 2021)
"Lord, help me to get through my heart that Your Word is absolute, and I can ALWAYS rely and depend on what You've spoken."

(Tuesday July 13, 2021)
"Thank You Lord that Your promises are, and will remain true regardless what things appear in this temporary existence."

(Monday July 12, 2021)
"Lord today I acknowledge my complete and total trust in You, and I stand on the promise that You will direct my paths."

(Sunday July 11, 2021)
"I just want to tell You Lord, that my heart's desire is to put all of my trust and hope in You, as You alone are worthy."

(Saturday July 10, 2021)
"Thank You Lord that according to the work Christ has completed in us, when we walk - by faith we CANNOT be defeated."

(Friday July 09, 2021)
"Guide me into holiness Lord, that my life may be acceptabel to sacrifice to you, as is my reasonable service.
(Romans 12:1)"

(Thursday July 08, 2021)
"Lord cause my heart to overflow with a desire to abide in Your presence, for there is no other way to bear fruit to your Glory."

(Wednesday July 07, 2021)
"Now that I have been born of Your spirit, Father - help me to think and speak in the mindset of the New Creation You've made me."

(Tuesday July 06, 2021)
"Lord, You suffered on the on the cross to make me a new, superior, creation - don't let me fall short of what You've provided."

(Monday July 05, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for a treasure that is incorruptible reserved for me in heaven...that will never fade away - more precious than gold."

(Sunday July 04, 2021)
"Lord, keep me mindful that I was made to worshipo You, and only in that worship do I realize the fullness of who I am in You."

(Saturday July 03, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for the freedom we know in our New lives, and for the authority to set others free through Your Word given to us."

(Friday July 02, 2021)
"Help us O Lord to realize who we are in Christ and what He accomplished on the cross, for now You call us Your sons and daughters."

(Thursday July 01, 2021)
"Teach me Lord that Your promises are final, and already in force...if I will just choose to walk in them, I am a new creation!."

(Wednesday June 30, 2021)
"Lord, prompt us however You must that we finally learn to walk by the faith that saved us, for without it we cannot please You!."

(Tuesday June 29, 2021)
"Lord, keep us mindful that You didn't die to remove our trials, but rather to forge a way for us to go through them victoriously."

(Monday June 28, 2021)
"Help me Lord to guard my tongue today when I find myself wanting to complain, KNOWING that You are directing my steps."

(Sunday June 27, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for giving me direction for each step, and thank You for opening my eyes to see that direction through Your Word."

(Saturday June 26, 2021)
"Father You told us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together - so I will be at Your house in the morning, ready to worship."

(Friday June 25, 2021)
"As we go into another weekend, Lord - may we keep our hearts and minds on You, for You are the provision of everything we have."

(Thursday June 24, 2021)
"Help us Lord to remember that WE are the salt of the earth, a city set on a hill, may You in us make a difference in the world."

(Wednesday June 23, 2021)
"Lord cause us to face the reality that there is but ONE Truth, and He never changes. Truth will make us or break us."

(Tuesday June 22, 2021)
"Lord break our carnality and awaken us to the spiritual warfare that destroys us as we prosper ourselves."

(Monday June 21, 2021)
"You said that we are a royal priesthood...You declared that we are to be Your representatives, help us, O Lord as we walk by faith!

(Sunday June 20, 2021)
"Thank You Father for speaking to my heart in worship this me to be a doer of Your Word and not a hearer only..

(Saturday June 19, 2021)
"Father, I am grateful to be in Your family, a joint-heir with Jesus, so I plan to be at Your house in the morning to show my worship!

(Friday June 18, 2021)
"Lord, help us to realize that You know the end from the beginning, and that as we trust in You, EVERYTHING is in Your loving hands.

(Thursday June 17, 2021)
"Lord, You taught us that Faith comes by hearing...and hearing by the Word of God - help us learn to listen; to You and Your Word.

(Wednesday June 16, 2021)
"Lord, open our eyes to the Truth of walking in the spirit, and denying this old temporary rat-race, for therin lies our Peace in You.

(Tuesday June 15, 2021)
"Thy Word Oh Lord is a Lamp unto my feet and a Light unto my Path, help me not to choose to walk in the darkness!

(Monday June 14, 2021)
"Teach us Lord to value the trials and struggles we go through each day, knowing that "when I am weak, then am I strong!"

(Sunday June 13, 2021)
"Lord, help me to remember that the nation we're praying for boils down to me and my neighbor."

(Saturday June 12, 2021)
"Lord, Your return seems so near, I just want to be sharing Your Love with someone at the moment You call."

(Friday June 11, 2021)
"Lord, cause us to see the fading glimmer of biblical morality in our ancestors. We've lost our way."

(Thursday June 10, 2021)
"Keep us Mindful, O Lord our God, that just as Jesus ascended, He will decend again for us - may it be today and may we be ready!"

(Wednesday June 9, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for the overwhelming knowledge that You are ALWAYS in Control, and You are looking out for those who obey You!"

(Tuesday June 8, 2021)
"Lord cause us to recognize the power in our spoken words, that we may choose to speak Life, especially into those around us!"

(Monday June 7, 2021)
"Lord help us remember when we're down, that since Jesus, we who are walking by faith are acepted in Your heavenly family!"

(Sunday June 6, 2021)
"Father You said that "Faith comes by hearing the Word", and I have heard Your Word today at Church - Help me grow in my faith."

(Saturday June 5, 2021)
"Lord, keep me aware that You love my enemy...just as much as You love me! Now help me understnd that I am to love them as well."

(Friday June 4, 2021)
"If You love me enough to sacrifice Your only Son, then I shall abandon all of my selfish desires to love You with all of my life."

(Thursday June 3, 2021)
"Lord cause me to keep in mind the surety of the promise, knowing that patience will take me to Your ultimate reward for me."

(Wednesday June 2, 2021)
"Help me O Lord to not seek affirmation when feeling insecure, but rather to make sure I abide under Your shelter, in Your will."

(Tuesday June 1, 2021)
"Lord teach Your children that even as we are born into the spirit, we will do well to learn to walk in the spirit."

(Monday May 31, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for wonderful rain! We are grateful for it, and we ask Your mercies on those with leaky roofs."

(Sunday May 30, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for the Word that we've received today in Your house, may we be doers of that Word and not hearers only!"

(Saturday May 29, 2021)
"Father keep us, Your children focused on the eternal things and not the shiney, passing, temporary things that vie for our attention."

(Friday May 28, 2021)
"Today, Lord help me to keep my roots firmly grounded in Your Word and Truth that I may produce good fruit as You require!"

(Thursday May 27, 2021)
"Father I am so grateful that I can rest knowing that when I remain under Your care I am safe from all evil. You are my God!"

(Wednesday May 26, 2021)
"Help us remember Lord, as a branch cannot produce fruit apart from the vine, neither can we produce fruit apart from You!"

(Tuesday May 25, 2021)
"Lord, keep me aware that the life I live is about YOUR reputation, I carry Your name now so my life should reflect Your goodness!"

(Monday May 24, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for the Blood that Jesus shed in order to cleanse me and my help me live in that cleansing!"

(Sunday May 23, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for the Gift of Your Holy Spirit, help us to REAL-ize Your dominant presence in our lives that we may be changed."

(Saturday May 22, 2021)
"Wash over Your people O Lord, with a fresh anointing of Your Holy Spirit. We've become dry and hard to Your calling."

(Friday May 21, 2021)
"Lord, cause me to walk by faith and not by sight, that I might begin to KNOW You, and be conformed into Your image."

(Thursday May 20, 2021)
"Turn my heart Oh Lord, to seek You everyday...You know I am proned to wander, but I desire to be in Your will."

(Wednesday May 19, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for setting me free from the things I thought I loved, and setting my eyes on the things that are eternal."

(Tuesday May 18, 2021)
"Help us realize Father, that because of what Christ accomplished, WE are now more than conquerors, and should live as such."

(Monday May 17, 2021)
"Lord, teach me to walk in the knowledge that when I walk in obedience, You are working ALL things for my good, and I can rest."

(Sunday May 16, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for Your mercies, kindnesses, and faithfulness that keep us even in the darkest of times."

(Saturday May 15, 2021)
"Lord break our carnality and awaken us to the spiritual warfare that destroys us as we prosper ourselves."

(Friday May 14, 2021)
"You called me "the salt of the eaerth, and the light of the world!" Lord, help me to deny myself and be what You declare I am."

(Thursday May 13, 2021)
"Lord teach us to guard our minds, our eyes and ears so that we may keep our thoughts stayed on Thee...there is where we find our peace!"

(Wednesday May 12, 2021)
"Help us remember Lord, that our way is NEVER right...unless it has been surrendered to and directed by You!"

(Tuesday May 11, 2021)
"Lord, we thank You for the little sprinkles of your mercy seen all around, but our hearts cry out for Your showers of eternal blessings!"

(Monday May 10, 2021)
"Lord, thank You for the Peace that You give, NOT as the world gives - help us to walk in that Peace that others may see it and want it!"

(Sunday May 09, 2021)
"Lord, help me to understand that I can only please You when I live by faith! To Love You is to BELIEVE You, and that changes everything!"

(Saturday May 08, 2021)
"Lord, make and keep us hungry for Your Word - As Jesus told us it is indeed the bread of Life. Bring My Bible to Life in me!"

(Friday May 07, 2021)
"Thank You Lord that You are the ultimate shelter and peace provider of my life...teach me to stay under the shadow of Your wing."

(Thursday May 06, 2021)
"Lord help Your children to begin to focus on the New Creation You have birthed within us, and not the old man we were."

(Wednesday May 05, 2021)
"You said "Man shall not live on bread alone" so feed us with Your holy Word, Father - we hunger for the food You give."

(Tuesday May 04, 2021)
"Lord help me to remember that in times of crisis - as always - all I need to do is be still and KNOW that You are God, it is enough"

(Monday May 03, 2021)
"Teach us today to endure the trials that You allow, Oh loving Master - knowing that You allow them for our growing. We trust in You!"

(Sunday May 02, 2021)
"Lord help us to let go of what we've thought and been mis-taught all our lives and help us to HEAR You as You call us to real discipleship!."

(Saturday May 01, 2021)
"Open our eyes O Lord to the Kingdom of Heaven...since You made your sacrifice so that we could live in it - here and now!."

(Friday April 30, 2021)
"Help us O Lord to never mistake Your mercy for weakness! You've cleaned our slate, may we work toward the Holiness You require."

(Thursday April 29, 2021)
"Show us, Father through Your Holy Bible how to walk by it is impossible to please You any other way!
Hebrews 11:6"

(Wednesday April 28, 2021)
"Lord, thank You for all that was accomplished in our lives on Calvary, now cause us to realize and to live in that holy condition"

(Tuesday April 27, 2021)
"Lord, cause us to turn down the noise of this world that we may direct our attention and hear Your Voice - we need to hear!"

(Monday April 26, 2021)
"Lord, help my heart to realize that when I complain, I am expressing my discontent with the way You are leading me.
Romans 8:28"

(Sunday April 25, 2021)
"Lord, Thank You for the revelation granted today, may I utilize the Grace to walk in it tomorrow."

(Saturday April 24, 2021)
"Lord, I want to learn more of the Life You've granted me, so I will be at Your house in the morning."

(Friday April 23, 2021)
"Lord enlighten us to the critical difference between flesh and spirit, since all flesh is at enmity with You."
(Thursday, April 22, 2021)
"Lord I want to live by faith, help me stop focusing on these temporary things that allure us into unbelief."

(Wednesday, April 21, 2021)
"Lord, please slow me down in the time between my temptation and my reaction...I want to experience the Victory You have already given!"

(Friday, April 09, 2021)
"Lord, make us realize the splendor of the Hope You have given Your children...we are living far below our calling!"

(Thursday, April 08, 2021)
"Teach us the importance of actual dedicated, conversational prayer time alone with You Lord, we need to hear You!"

(Wednesday, April 07, 2021)
"Lord, my lips were made to declare Your praises, help me to stop them before damaging others with my words!"

(Tuesday, April 06, 2021)
"Thank You Lord that because of all You endured, I can freely walk everyday as more than a conqureror!"

(Monday, April 05, 2021)
"Help us rememeber Lord, our very Peace and Joy hinge on the words we speak and the thoughts we entertain in You."

(Sunday, April 04, 2021)
"Lord may we see what was actually accomplished on this day, and learn to walk in the victory You bought for us."

(Saturday, April 03, 2021)
"I will see you in Your house in the morning, Lord for this Holy, Holy day of ressurection."

(Friday, April 02, 2021)
"Lord I can't imagine the pain You suffered when You took ALL of our sin, I hope to NEVER sin again!!"

(Thursday, April 01, 2021)
"Help us oh Lord to realize the death You died made way for the New Life You provide for us, May we walk in it!"

(Wednesday, March 31, 2021)
"Lord, keep my heart soft to the fear and pain in the hearts of those who do not know you, love them through me."

(Tuesday, March 30, 2021)
"Lord, help us to never overlook the beauty of YOU in everything we see, as we choose to do so."

(Monday, March 29, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for seeing in us what we fail to see in ourselves, and for the Sacrifice You made to bring it out in us."

(Sunday, March 28, 2021)
"As we begin "Holy Week" Lord, help us focus on what You were feeling, knowing what You were about to accomplish."

(Saturday, March 27, 2021)
"Lord, we long for Your glory and the knowledge of Your presence in this dry and thirsty land."

(Friday, March 26, 2021)
"Lord convict my heart to willingly STOP doing the things that I know are sin according to Your Word."

(Thursday, March 25, 2021)
"Lord thank You for the peace that passes understanding WHEN I keep my mind stayed on Thee."

(Wednesday, March 24, 2021)
"Lord intensify the hunger in Your children for Your Holy Word, without it our spirits are malnourished."

(Tuesday, March 23, 2021)
"In times of extreme difficulty and trials, Lord help me to remember - that's when You're nearest to me."

(Monday, March 22, 2021)
"Lord, cause us to realize that everything we inherit is by faith...and it's all by faith alone."

(Sunday, March 21, 2021)
"Thank You Lord that I can KNOW that You are ALWAYS in control...I will trust in You as long as I live."

(Saturday, March 20, 2021)
"Lord, because I love You and Your people, at Your house, early in tomorrow morning! I want to honor You."

(Friday, March 19, 2021)
"Help us Lord consider the contradiction and malice You encountered when You forged the path we're called to walk."

(Thursday, March 18, 2021)
"Thank You Lord that according to Your Word, we are now the Light of the World, may we begin to live it."

(Wednesday, March 17, 2021)
"Lord send your convincing Holy Spirit across our land that we my again see the depth of our sin and return to You."

(Tuesday, March 16, 2021)
"Lord make us aware of the looming danger of deception awaiting those who are not grounded in Your Word."

(Monday, March 15, 2021)
"Father put me through whatever is necessary to teach me to walk by faith...for it is the ONLY way I can please you."

(Sunday, March 14, 2021)
"Lord cause me to APPLY the Truths I learned in Your house today, and I intend to be there again next Sunday."

(Saturday, March 13, 2021)
"Lord help me to walk as though I REAL-ize that what You did on Calvary, You me!"

(Friday, March 12, 2021)
"Lord You have saved me! I will song and declare Your praises everywhere I go for as long as I live...then I'll come to You!"

(Thursday, March 11, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for supplying me with freedom enough for myself, and to loose others in Your name, and for the Call!"

(Wednesday, March 10, 2021)
"Teach me O Lord, from Your Word who I actully became when You saved me, and let me live to Christ's Glory!"

(Tuesday, March 9, 2021)
"Lord help me remember that I am now a "Spirit Being" - living in a temporary body. I want to focus on spirit things!"

(Monday, March 8, 2021)
"Lord help me remember that when I'm in obedience, problems are no more than triggers for my praise...You're in control!"

(Sunday, March 7, 2021)
"Father help me to walk in the Truth I've heard in my heart today, only then can I expect to learn more truth tomorrow!"

(Saturday, March 6, 2021)
"Lord help the prodigals to realize they can come home anytime! Right now! You ARE the good, good Father who loves us!"
(Friday, March 5, 2021)
"Lord, I make it my aim to praise Your name in every situation this weekend, in abundance or in need You are Lord!"
(Thursday, March 4, 2021)
"Lord, teach us that true evangelism falls upon the obedience of Your Children. Make us compassionate and bold."
(Wednesday, March 3, 2021)
"Father, thank You that You have put within us EVERYTHING we need to live godly, let us choose to walk in it."
(Tuesday, March 2, 2021)
"Lord, please put a break in the delusion that has fallen over us, we see everything through our own fallen view."
(Monday, March 1, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for the Amazing Grace that saved a wretch ike me...It's more than a song."
(Sunday, February 28, 2021)
"Lord enlighten us to the critical difference between flesh and spirit, since all flesh is at enmity with You."
(Saturday, February 27, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for the Truth heard today - may we be doers and not hearers only."

(Friday, February 26, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for the Holy Spirit that assures the believer victory in every situation, help us not to forget."

(Friday, February 26, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for the Holy Spirit that assures the believer victory in every situation, help us not to forget."

(Thursday, February 25, 2021)
"Keep us mindful O Lord of the effectiveness and power in our Praise! Thank You for the Love You've shown to me."

(Wednesday, February 24, 2021)
"Give us a hunger O Lord to learn to walk in the spirit...prospects for the Christian's flesh are looking pretty bleek."

(Tuesday, February 23, 2021)
"Shake us up Lord, the signs are indicating that we're going to be needing a closer walk to survive the coming storm."

(Monday, February 22, 2021)
"Lord cause Your chidren to encourage one another in good works, for the darkness is moving in fast."

(Sunday, February 21, 2021)
"Father, I've heard Your Word today, help me to indeed be a doer of Your Word and not a hearer only."

(Saturday, February 20, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for yet another day to start over and show my appreciation for what You've done in me."

(Friday, February 19, 2021)
"Lord, let us not grow cold or weary as we await Your return, but may our eyes remain alert to the signs around us."

(Thursday, February 18, 2021)
"Lord, burden Your children's hearts with a burning desire to return to a literal interpretation of Your Word."

(Wednesday, February 17, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for the Truth heard today - may we be doers and not hearers only."

(Tuesday, February 16, 2021)
"Lord, whatever it takes, bring back a "God Awareness" to our society, we seem to have forgotten about You."

(Monday, February 15, 2021)
"Thank You Lord, not only for forgiving me, but for breaking the chains of habitual sin that kept me on the treadmill."

(Sunday, February 14, 2021)
"Thank You Lord that in You we find fulfillment and complete contentment in our hearts and everyday lives."

(Saturday, February 13, 2021)
"Father keep us aware that this is ALL by faith - and only when we walk by faith do we learn to hear You."

(Friday, February 12, 2021)
"Lord, to keep me from feeling sorry for myself, open my eyes to see the pain and emptiness in those around me."

(Thursday, February 11, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for filling me completely with the spirit that raised Christ from the dead, how can I lose?"

(Wedesday, February 10, 2021)
"Help me Lord to have a desire and ability to ahare what You've done for me with others.."

(Tuesday, February 9, 2021)
"Lord keep us mindful of the mysterious power found in our praise, as well as the joy it brings to our inner man."

(Monday, February 8, 2021)
"Lord cause those who really know You to rise up and exemplify what Peace and a changed life really is."

(Sunday, February 7, 2021)
"Thank You for the Bible, the more I seek You in it the more I find You.
His name is the Word of God!"

(Saturday, February 6, 2021)
"Lord, not my will, my thoughts or my passions, but what Your holy Word says, may that be what leads Your children."

(Friday, February 5, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for the unshakable calm that You provide in the midst of the ongoing storms and battles."

(Thursday, February 4, 2021)
"Lord soften our hearts to see ALL others as Jesus sees us, that we may share the Grace we've found in Him."

(Wednesday, February 3, 2021)
"Teach us Lord the difference between righteous indignation and offended, angry flesh, we seem to not know."

(Tuesday, February 2, 2021)
"Father help me to be resolved to follow Your son, He did so much to get me into this family, I want to be like Him."

(Monday, February 1, 2021)
"Lord please open the eyes of Your children to the war we're losing as we try to fight a battle that is not ours."

(Sunday, January 31, 2021)
"Lord, we read Your Word and learn of You, don't allow us to settle for good enough, Christ died for our Holiness."

(Saturday, January 30, 2021)
"Lord, move on Your people and stir up the dedication to Your ways that burned bright when we first learned of You."

(Friday, January 29, 2021)
"Thank You Lord that our contentment and Joy do not rely upon the state of a union or situation, but on Your Word."

(Thursday, January 28, 2021)
"Lord help us to learn as your children that no matter what life may send our way...Your Grace is sufficient for us."

(Wednesday, January 27, 2021)
"Stir up the Gift You've placed inside us Father, it was provided at such a great Cost to Jesus our Lord."

(Tuesday, January 26, 2021)
"Keep me ever listening to Your spirit O Lord, I want to be ready and waiting when Your trumpet sounds."

(Monday, January 25, 2021)
"Keep us mindful Lord that every good thing is from You and let the words of my mouth ever proclaim Your Goodness."

(Sunday, January 24, 2021)
"Lord, help me to speak what You say and not what is being planted in my mind by the activities of this fallen society."

(Saturday, January 23, 2021)
"Lord, help me to realize that the battle is already won, I need only rest in You by faith to have the victory."

(Friday, January 22, 2021)
"Lord, take me the easiest way I'll go. I want to be more like You while here, then I want to spend eternity with You."

(Thursday, January 21, 2021)
"Lord, amidst all the distractions; carnally AND spiritually, keep us focused on Your Love and personal holiness."

(Wednesday, January 20, 2021)
"Lord, may our new leadership make policy and decisions that will enable the furtherance of Your Love and Gospel."

(Tuesday, January 19, 2021)
"Lord, help us to trust in Your mighty hand and Your will as our nation transitions leadership tomorrow."

(Monday, January 18, 2021)
"Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips."
Psalm 141:3

(Sunday, January 17, 2021)
"Lord, of all things people see in me, I want them to see and KNOW how You have set me free."

(Saturday, January 16, 2021)
"Lord, forgive us for the terrible example we've been to society as Your children, turn our hearts."

(Friday, January 15, 2021)
"Father we ask You to guide those You've put in authority over us, and help us not speak evil of Your anointed ones."

(Thursday, January 14, 2021)
"Thank You Lord for 31 wonderful years of marriage to my best friend, and for establishing us in You."

(Tuesday, January 12, 2021)
"Father I pray You enlighten the eyes of Your children to what Christ has accomplished for us that we may walk in it."

(Tuesday, January 12, 2021)
"Take us back in time Lord that we may get a glimpse from where we've fallen. To Your face we've called wrong right."

(Monday, January 11, 2021)
"Lord, help us keep our focus firmly placed on the things You've pointed us toward in Your Word, the eternal things."

(Sunday, January 10, 2021)
"Lord, help me to apply the Truths I've heard from Your Word today to my life today, tomorrow, and forever."

(Saturday, January 9, 2021)
"Thank You for the Peace that passes understanding that comes only from complete trust in You."

(Friday, January 8, 2021)
"Give us a glimpse Oh Lord of the stability that will be found if we'll only learn to walk in the spirit."

(Thursday, January 7, 2021)
"Lord, thank You for showing us how to suffer for righteousness sake, may we remember what You taught us."

(Wednesday, January 6, 2021)
"Thank You Lord that we now live in the day of perfect salvation, blessed are those who choose to walk therein."

(Tuesday, January 5, 2021)
"Lord strengthen the resolve of Your people, that we would draw from Scripture as we navigate the days ahead."

(Monday, January 4, 2021)
"Lord guide the hearts of our elected officials as they continue to battle one with another, our trust remains in You."

(Sunday, January 3, 2021)
"Father familiarize us with Your presence, may we as Your children experience what Christ died for us to have."

(Saturday, January 2, 2021)
"Thank You Lord that according to Your Word, we are now the Light of the World, may we begin to live it."

(Friday, January 1, 2021)
"Lord, let me not be afraid to introduce You to anyone and everyone around me who may not know You."

(Thursday, December 31, 2020)
"Thank You Lord for seeing us through 2020, and thank You that in You we are more than conquerors for 2021."

(Wednesday, December 30, 2020)
"Lord cause me to spend the last day of this year, and the first day of the next in ways that will glorify You."

(Tuesday, December 29, 2020)
"Lord teach our hands to battle with the looming darkness that we might free those still enslaved to it."

(Monday, December 28, 2020)
"Lord grant us a newfound love for, and reverence of Your Holy Word. In It we find a Light unto our path."

(Sunday, December 27, 2020)
"Lord open Your follower's eyes to see just how much was accompliched at the cross for our daily life."

(Saturday, December 26, 2020)
"Lord, cause me to hear Your truth and then submit to it...I need Your strength, this world's pull is so strong."

(Christmas Day, 2020)
"Lord, when I consider what You did, and gave for me I wonder at Your love for me. I give myself to You"

(Thursday December 24, 2020)
"Thank You Lord that when You sent Jesus as a baby, 2020 years ago, You were thinking of saving ME!"

(Wednesday December 23, 2020)
"Lord make me an attrctive billboard for what having Jesus in Christmas really looks like."

(Tuesday December 22, 2020)
"Lord please do whatever You must to awaken mankind to Your presence and majesty again. Have mercy on us."

(Monday December 21, 2020)
"Lord help me to let go of what has always held me so secure and place my trust wholly in You."

(Sunday December 20, 2020)
"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy Sight, oh Lord."
Psalm 19:14

(Saturday December 19, 2020)
"Lord help me to live as though I knew You were coming for me today, I want to be useful to Your cause."

(Friday December 18, 2020)
"Heavenly Father You've already given all we'll ever need, help us come back to that realization."

(Thursday December 17, 2020)
"Lord, use me daily to remind others that Christmas celebrates the coming of our Savior."

(Wednesday December 16, 2020)
"Lord, thank You for the unimaginable inheritance that You have promised to those who love You."

(Tuesday December 15, 2020)
"Lord, help us to guard our words, put a watch over our mouths that we not dishonor Your name."

(Monday December 14, 2020)
"Lord, prompt us, In Love the Truth about the season we're celebrating with those who've forgotten."

(Sunday December 13, 2020)
"Lord, thank You for loving us so much while we were yet sinners that you sacrificed Jesus for our well-being."

(Saturday December 12, 2020)
"Lord restore the concern in the hearts of your children for those who are lost and without You."

(Friday December 11, 2020)
"Lord have mercy on us, we've exchanged our eternal, heavenly citizenship for a decaying lifestyle."

(Thursday December 10, 2020)
"Lord grant us a moment of clarity that we may realize how far we've fallen and repent."

(Wednesday December 09, 2020)
"Saturate us Lord with a knowledge of Your presence that we may glory and the heathen may repent."

(Tuesday December 08, 2020)
"Lord teach me the importance of forgiving others that I might better know Your forgiveness toward me."

(Monday December 07, 2020)
"Lord thank You for the assurance that You never leave us nor forsake us no matter how dark the days."

(Sunday December 06, 2020)
"Lord, help us realize that the Bible is our history and our playbook. What a living treasure You've given."

(Saturday December 05, 2020)
"Lord, quicken me to Your reality, cause my heart to yearn to see you."

(Friday December 04, 2020)
"Lord, help us to never overlook the beauty of YOU in everything we see, as we choose to do so."

(Thursday December 03, 2020)
"Lord, we seek wisdom and a revelation of the knowledge of God, that our eyes my be enlightened."

(Wednesday December 02, 2020)
"Lord, show us how to comfort the unique grief that is being experienced by so many around us."

(Tuesday December 01, 2020)
"Lord, teach us the virtues of suffering for Your Name's sake."

(Monday November 30, 2020)
"Lord, replace our stony hearts with a sensitive heart of flesh, that we might again bring Glory to Your Name."

(Sunday November 29, 2020)
"Lord keep us aware that at any moment this reality could end, and the REAL reality could begin, we want to be ready."

(Saturday November 28, 2020)
"Lord, rather than showing us "New Truth" - cause us to walk in the Truth that You have already revealed to us."

(Friday November 27, 2020)
"Lord, we counted the costs at the beginning but we've been distracted. Give us another chance to truly follow You."

(Thursday November 26, 2020)
"Thank You Lord that even in the midst of a volatile election and a pandemic, I can say Thank You for being MY God."

(Wednesday November 25, 2020)
"Thank You Lord for sending Jesus! Help me realize when I count my blessings I need to start at the top."

(Tuesday November 24, 2020)
"Lord, awaken Your children in America, cause us to cling to Your Word and walk in the Spirit."

(Monday November 23, 2020)
"Lord give us the courage to recognize, identify, and engage the battle that lies ahead, but only in Your strength."

(Sunday November 22, 2020)
"Lord thank You that when we walk in the spirit Your Word assures us that we are MORE than conquerors!"

(Saturday November 21, 2020)
"Lord cause Your children to own this mess we're in, so that we may repent and seek Your help again."

(Friday November 20, 2020)
"Lord help me to be the Light You've called me to be so those who don't know You will be able to see You in me."

(Thursday November 19, 2020)
"Lord in a world of fake news, fact-checks, and blatant lies, teach us to cling to the unchanging Truth of Your Word."

(Wednesday November 18, 2020)
"Lord, open our ears to hear the message of repentance, as time is running out fast for so many - every day!"

(Tuesday November 17, 2020)
"Lord soften our hearts...we're letting the world fall into hell while we're all "Blessed and Highly Favored!"

(Monday November 16, 2020)
"Thank You Lord for the mansion being prepared for me even now, May I walk today in a manner fitting to dwell there"

(Sunday November 15, 2020)
"Lord, cause us to realize; if we're born again...the fullness of God dwells in us, and we are more than conquerors."

(Saturday November 14, 2020)
"Teach us O lord, from Your Word, what a Christian is supposed to look like, then convict our wayward hearts."

(Friday November 13, 2020)
"May the scales fall off the eyes of Your children, that we may see the danger we enjoy - In Jesus' Name, Amen."

(Thursday November 12, 2020)
"Lord, teach us that true evangelism falls upon the obedience of Your Children. Make us compassionate and bold."

(Wednesday November 11, 2020)
"Lord when - for whatever reason; I don't want to hear the Truth, Shake me until I recognize it's You speaking!"

(Tuesday November 10, 2020)
"Burden our hearts O Lord, until we seek Your face and learn Your will. We've gone our own way too long."

(Monday November 9, 2020)
"Lord, help me to reach outside myself with the Love You've given me, so that like You, I can share hope and healing."

(Sunday November 8, 2020)
"Thank You Lord that I can KNOW that You are ALWAYS in control...I will trust in You as long as I live."

(Saturday November 7, 2020)
"Lord, prepare my heart to enter Your house and be among Your people in the morning - I need more of You."

(Friday November 6, 2020)
"Father help me to accept the reality that when I differ from Your Word, I am wrong - for You are ALWAYS right."

(Thursday November 5, 2020)
"Lord, cause us to ponder our last day, then may we consider the vanity of our effort and anxiety apart from You."

(Wednesday November 4, 2020)
"Teach us Lord the benefits of trusting You with all of our heart, and the dangers of our own understanding."

(Tuesday November 3, 2020)
"Lord, help Your children realize that it is YOU who calls the shots, and not us with our best efforts."

(Monday November 2, 2020)
"Lord, as we face these coming days of uncertainty, cause us to rely on Your unchanging, infallible Word."

(Sunday November 1, 2020)
"Thank You for the answer-book Lord. Wake us up to consume the Holy resources You've provided in Your Word."

(Saturday October 31, 2020)
"Lord, I know I need to be around people of God, Help me to get up and go to church in the morning."

(Friday October 30, 2020)
"Speak Lord, Your servant is listening. Help me to mute the overwhelming voices of the enemy as I seek to hear You."

(Thursday October 29, 2020)
"Lord, we lift Your name on High! The more I think of You the more I am blown away by Your majesty and Glory!"

(Wednesday October 28, 2020)
"Lord, help me not be so dependant on electricity anymore!"

(Tuesday October 27, 2020)
"Help us Lord to walk by faith, and obey Your Word so that we may prosper in the blessings You've already provided."

(Monday October 26, 2020)
"Lord, search my heart and try me, that I may grow into a better Christian each day."
Psalm 139:23-24

(Sunday October 25, 2020)
"Thank You Lord for the Day of rest, now teach me to abide in Your Rest for the other 6 days."

(Saturday October 24, 2020)
"Lord, increase my love for Your Truth, for without it I have no chance of safely maneuvering in this broken world.

(Friday October 23, 2020)
"Lord, I ask You to give us a new reality of Your simple command to die to ourselves that we may receive New Life.

(Thursday October 22, 2020)
"Lord, open our eyes to the need for Jesus in our enemies, and cause us to care, and love them with Your Love.

(Wednesday October 21, 2020)
"Lord awaken Your children to walk in the Victory that Christ died and rose again to assure us.

(Tuesday October 20, 2020)
"Lord keep us mindful, yet fearless of the brevity of life, as You have granted us Life eternal through Christ.

(Monday October 19, 2020)
"Lord I never dreamed that THIS was the Christian live! Thank You for teaching me the value in total surrender.

(Sunday October 18, 2020)
"Thank You Lord for this day of rest, but thank You even more for the rest that I've found in You."

(Saturday October 17, 2020)
"Lord reveal Yourself to me anew that I might rekindle the fire that burned when I first met You."

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